In Australia we pride ourselves on the great Aussie pie tradition.

Now at Fudge Monkey you can enjoy delicious hearty pies, free from gluten, animal material or chemical additives. Tailored nutrition produced with local fresh ingredients that are predominantly organic too!

Flavours include-

No-butter No-chicken; a delicious butter chicken style Jackfruit and potato curry pie with rich creamy sauce (no chilli, this is a no-burn curry)

Chunky Steak and gravy; “the way a steak pie should be” was how one of our customers put it! This pie will surprise you with its rich melt in the mouth chunks of jackfruit steak cooked in Shiitake mushroom gravy, yum!

Mince and Mushies; a traditional flavoured Soy mince pie with mushroom and onion gravy.

Chilly mince and Beans; Soy mince with black and borlotti beans with a lightly spicy Mexican gravy.

Roast Vegies and Pesto;  an open pie with fresh local Zucchini, Cauliflower, Pumpkin, Carrot, Kumera and Sweet Potato roasted with herbs to perfection and covered in fresh pesto sauce.

Vegie Thai pie; fresh local vegies, mushroom and tofu in a creamy Thai style coconut sauce.

Channa Marsala; a favourite Indian style Chic-pea curry with a rich creamy tomato based sauce.


Pies are available hot in store or frozen in packs of 6 to cook at home.

Handy to have in the freezer for when visitors drop by, ready in only 20 minutes!


Our Menu continues to expand so stay tuned!


Fudge Monkey Pies are 100% Gluten Free and contain no animal products, 100% Vegan.


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