Fudge Monkey Fudge Monkey – Fudge Monkey – supplying bliss!

Whether you’re here because you’ve tried or you want to try our delicious gourmet fudge, cakes or shakes we are confident you’re going to love it!

Everyone who has tasted Fudge Monkey Fudge always comes back for more!

Fudge Monkey Fudge is a sumptuous culinary experience that transports you to your favourite childhood memories.

Each hand made gourmet morsel is tailored to high standards of decadent indulgence!

Whats your favourite flavour?

In our Woy Woy store you will find 32 Flavours of Fudge, Milkshakes, Thickshakes and Vegan Milkshakes. 20 Flavours of Gelato. An ever changing range of Gluten-free cakes and handmade sweets, including a huge range of Gluten-free Vegan sweets!

We are now open every Friday till 10pm!